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    LC Audio is closed for status and vacation 29th.May - 8th.June.

    We will typcally not be able to answer enquiries during this period. But don't despair: We'll catch up with orders and emails immediately after. Thanks for your understanding!

    Credit card payments currently unavailable!

    At the moment, it's unfortunately currently not possible to pay by credit card. Hence, we recommend using bank transfer (prepayment). You may deduct 3€ from the order total to help cover your bank fees. Alternatively you can contact us for a possible PayPal transfer. We apologize for the inconvenience! Do not hestitate to contact us if you have any questions/issues... Thanks for your understanding.

    Welcome to the LC Audio Technology site!

    LC Audio develops modules and accessories for high-end audio projects.
    Parts for upgrading CD players and other signal sources are listed under the "CD Upgrades" menu. Here you'll find products like our legendary LClock XO3 reference clock and a complete class-A analogue filter "ZAPfilter 2" for the DACs.
    Finally the rest of the good stuff is listed under "Accessories". Here are DC- and mains filters, connectors and cables, soft start circuit, low noise +/- supply etc. etc...

    Ultimate Toslink Cables

    Unfortunately, digital sound is not just "zeros and ones". Timing imperfections (in the technical terminology "jitter") creates unlinear distortion and as the most prominent, audible "feature" damages the perspective. Thus, even though it might seem like voodo to some, the digital cables are in fact pretty significant in a lot of high-end setups. We've used countless hours on listening tests before we've created this solution based on quartz glass optical fibers. And we seriosly doubt you'll ever find a better TOSLINK optical cable! But as always: Never trust a seller, trust your ears!
    Read more about QuartzPulse here...

    Classic RIAA with Light Supply...

    We've managed to source some of the low-noise ROHM 2SB737/2SD786 transistors. Thus, a limited batch of our RIAA phono pre-amplifier will be available. The RIAA includes light powered MC input stage. Simply new life for your records! :-)
    Read more on the RIAA page...
    ProductPrice in EUR
    excl VAT
    RIAA 2003 MM/MC Amplifier module w/Light SupplyEUR 252.35Order Now In Stock
    Taking DIY to the next level!

    Nice Connectors

    The high output voltages powerful amplifiers like ZapPulse 800XE and 2.3SE are capable of calls for isolated speaker terminals. We can now supply a top quality terminal at a good price!
    While you're at it check out the new, untraditional RCA terminals with aluminium housing and Teflon isolation. Very nice finish...
    Read more in the Connectors section...
    ProductPrice in EUR
    excl VAT
    Speaker terminals goldplated, 1*red+1*blackEUR 19.87Order Now In Stock
    2pcs. Goldplated RCA alu/teflonEUR 9.56Order Now In Stock
    2 pcs. 24k Goldplated RCA sockets w./TeflonEUR 8.48Order Now In Stock
    Taking DIY to the next level!

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