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Low-noise Regulator

    Low Noise DC Regulator

    This DC Dual Tracking Regulator is perfect to supply our RIAA / MC preamplifier with clean noise free power. It can also be used for any application that is based on op-amps or small signal circuitry, like low noise preamplifiers. Since the output voltage is adjustable, the low noise regulator board can also be used as a DIY lab power supply. Even if it does not have a current limiter, the over-dimensioned regulator transistors allow for trouble free operation, even in case of shorts. To optimize its audio performance, ultra fast recovery, low noise diodes are used, and a 20VA toroidal transformer is included with the module to give up to +/- 13V and +/- 1 Ampere.

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    A blue LED is used to pre regulate the voltage for the main reference, and gives an improvement in noise suppression of 25 dB. Total noise rejection is 90 dB, and internal noise sources are in the magnitude of 1 uV or 70-100 times better than a standard 7812 or 7912 regulator design.

    The PCB measures 36 * 90mm and is mounted with three M3 screws. It should be mounted on a heat sink or metal cabinet capable of cooling around 15W (depending on use).
    The diameter of the toroidal transformer is 80mm and it's mounted with a M6 bolt.

    Click here for mechanical PCB drawing.

    Click for entire image!
    Here you see the relatively simple schematic. The trimmer is used to adjust the output Voltage in the range of 0 to 13 V plus and minus.

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    Taking DIY to the next level!

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