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    BMC-2HD: A Substantial Upgrade!

    We've spent over a year experimenting, measuring and conducting blind listening tests on our own BMC-2 DACs. The final result is called BMC-2HD. It is a substantial upgrade compared to the original. So if you already have a good stereo setup a listening session is definitely worth the effort! The standard BMC-2 converter delivers exceptionally great sound for its price. But even though the upgrade takes it to another price bracket, the BMC-2HD keeps up the good work and delivers supreme sound and value!

    BMC-2HD Upgrades:

  • New, higher spec (and better!) digital/analog converter circuit (IC).
  • All operational amplifiers (OpAmps) chips upgraded.
  • DC coupled (trimmed to <6mV offset).
  • Lower impedance through the entire analog signal path.
  • Every filter component is exchanged.
  • Shorter signal path ("Dim" function removed).
  • Better decoupling in several of the supplies.
  • Gain has been lowered for better quality when playing 24-bit files.
  • Pseudo balancing of the outputs (slightly better noise suppression when using amplifiers with balanced inputs)

    Remote Control

    We are exchanging 71 parts during the upgrade - and as the entire unit is disassembled anyways: Why not add a remote control module? So we did! Aided by an infrared receiver in the front, the Toslink (optical) or the SPDIF (coax) inputs can be selected, the output can be muted, and naturally the volume can be controlled. Also included in the package is a 1 meter IR receiver cable that can be connected to the mini-jack next to the infrared receiver. When connected this takes over the receiver function and thus for example allows the BMC-2HD unit to be hidden in cabinet. The remote control module is programmed to fit the infrared Apple remotes (the white version is included) and can be paired to a specific remote control or made to react to all (default). For further information please download the manual here.

    We offer both upgrade of your (working!) standard BMC-2 and delivering a new, upgraded unit. In both cases the units are delivered with IR cable and remote.

    ProductPrice in EUR
    excl VAT
    Upgrade of existing BMC-2 to BMC-2HD incl. remoteEUR 257.72Order Now In Stock
    BMC-2HD modified high-end DAC incl. remoteEUR 467.11Order Now In Stock
    Taking DIY to the next level!

    Our astounding QuartzPulse cables will also make a clearly audible, positive difference if the optical input is used. Thus, we offer package deals at excellent prices:

    ProductPrice in EUR
    excl VAT
    BMC-2HD + 0,5m QuartzPulse cableEUR 558.39Order Now In Stock
    BMC-2HD + 1,0m QuartzPulse kabelEUR 569.13Order Now In Stock
    BMC-2HD + 1,5m QuartzPulse kabelEUR 585.23Order Now In Stock
    Apple IR remote (white)EUR 12.89Order Now In Stock
    1m IR cable ~38khz with mini-jackEUR 8.05Order Now In Stock
    Taking DIY to the next level!

    "The Small Print"

    As the upgrade involves substantial changes to the construction the factory warranty from tc electronic is lost. However, if you buy a new unit or get a unit that has been sold by LC Audio upgraded, LC Audio will overtake the warranty obligations.

    Naturally, LC Audio offers the standard right of revocation for finished BMC-2HD units. However, upgrading of a user supplied unit is a specialised service and by ordering, you waive all rights of revocation.

    There is quite a bit of handling involved in the upgrade (such as drilling of holes to the IR remote module). We will naturally take good care of the units (disregarding if it's a brand new or one supplied by you). Nevertheless, it can typically be seen that the "unit has been out of the retail packaging"...

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