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    Harman Kardon HD-750

      This is what your CD player looks like inside. Remove X1 from the main board.

      Short the pins of C30 as shown. (To turn off the original 74HCU04 oscillator).

      Shorten the COAX cable to a 30 cm (12 inches), and remove the insulation. Connect the GND screen of the COAX cable to one pin of C31 as shown. Connect the inner conductor of the COAX cable to R16 and R83, both lifted up from the PCB as shown. Use a small piece of component wire to connect the two resistors' air-pins.

      Set the solder bubble for 5V operation.

      Take +12V supply from the left pin of IC11 with a red wire, and connect it to +12V input of LClock XO 3 (the screw terminal furthest away from the orange relay). Fasten the LClock XO3 a suitable place, and use cable strips to secure the wires.

      Your player is now ready for operation! When you connect power, the blue LED on LClock XO3 will light up after about 10 seconds to indicate that power is OK. After one or two days you will experience the highest level of sound quality improvements.

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